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About Vorona

We are Amazon & E-commerce Specialists located in NYC / NJ who help businesses generate millions of dollars in New online revenue.

Amazon Growth & Management

We handle all of the details to successfully launch your brand on Amazon. We manage the growth, build out the promotions, and handle logistics. We identify all of the opportunities to expand your brand with new product recommendations using competitive data analysis and market research. Our decades of experience will streamline your success on Amazon, and allow you to concentrate on other opportunities for your business.

Online E-Commerce & Business Development

We develop your e-commerce strategy and bring it to fruition. We research all of your online competition and formulate a plan BEFORE launching your site. We will find your customers online, where they hang out, and how to reach them. We manage the online marketing for you and bring you new customers to buy your products. We work with you to integrate it with your existing business. We take care of ALL the technology so you don’t have to, and this frees you up to run other parts of your business.


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Passion leads to Opportunity, opportunity influences Execution, execution leads to Success!

Dimitri Vorona